The New Writer grace period ends 3/7.

Something New:
2 contests, open for 2 months.
Deadline: 4/30


1st place | $2,000

2nd place | $500*

3rd place | $300*

300-3,000 words

$16 reading fee

Writing Guidelines


1st place | $3,000

2nd place | $1,000

3rd place | $600*

3,000-20,000 words

$21 reading fee

Writing Guidelines

*Or, if accepted for publication, $700.
(All 1st place stories will be published.)

He was twenty, heading west. 1938 (more)

Winners and finalists will be announced in the July 1 bulletin, and contacted directly the previous week. First-place winners will be published in Glimmer Train. (All stories are considered for publication.)

Both categories are open to all. (Last year 42% of all winning stories were their authors' 1st publications!)

Essays in this bulletin:
David Mizner: And I agree, to a degree. Sometimes I agree. Reading fiction I love makes me feel connected to other human beings and more capable of handling adversity. That's not nothing. (read more)
Christine Grace: When I was ten I wrote my first story, it had percolated since my father's death three years earlier and by fifteen, I was hustling for an interview with a journalist for The Gleaner, the largest newspaper in Jamaica. (read more)
Bob Shacochis: The epigraph to Swimming in the Volcano is from Charles Newman: "Forgiveness is based on the fact that there is no adequate form of revenge." After spending ten years writing that novel, I turned, in The Woman Who Lost Her Soul, to a different question: Where does hate end? (read more)
Lillian Li: When I begin to write something new, I always ask myself a series of questions. These questions change with every fresh story, but their basic formula is the same: Why did I write this? (read more)

Results of the December Fiction Open

Winners have been contacted, as have the Top 25 and Honorable Mentions. Our thanks to all of you for letting us read your work. It was a beautiful batch.

  • 1st place goes to David Mizner for "Your Swim." Publishes in Issue 99 or 100.
  • 2nd place goes to Ezekiel Nathaniel Finkelstein for "Clayton and the Apocalypse—Scenes From an Earlier Life."
  • 3rd place goes to Karen Malley for "Fragile."

Feel free to forward this bulletin to your writer friends. As you know, the bulletin is free and meant to inform and to promote writers. (We never share your info.) People can sign up for bulletins themselves here. Missed a bulletin? They're archived here.

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